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Country University Centres assessment, siting and business case

In 2016 we were contracted by the Cooma Country University Centre to provide information that helped them successfully lobby Federal and State Government to provide funding for the establishment of multiple Country University Centres across NSW. We used 2016 Census information and research to establish and rate possible locations based on factors including: population; travel times; nearness to other facilities and demographics.

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Worksafe NSW Investigation Process Review

In early 2017, we were contracted by the Worksafe NSW to evaluate their Investigation of serious incidences process. This work included: a literature review; interviews with all stakeholders including Inspectors, businesses and next of kin/ and or injured parties and bench-marking against other jurisdictions. The work was completed in mid 2017.

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Additional Survey Analysis

In June 2018 we were contracted to provide some additional analysis on the data collected as part of a community survey looking at options for the possible redevelopment of the Gold Creek Golf Estate and Village.  We provided some additional demographic information and drilled deeper into the results to provide a better understanding to the developers of the community’s concerns around the potential re-development of existing facilities.

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Building The Lucky Country – are there any growth prospects for regional Australia?

Building The Lucky Country – are there any growth prospects for regional Australia?Leave a reply Looking over the horizon is crucial for business success. While some business forecasting is little more than fantasy, some people sometimes get it right. Futurist Faith Popcorn’s ‘cocooning’ for instance, pre-dated a revival of homey-ness in most developed countries. The Future Laboratory has in recent years focused on health and wellbeing technologies and applications and urban lifestyle enhancers – things that directly impact on quality of life.Once you start looking, there is wealth of great information out there which can help you as a business owner see ‘over the horizon’. It can be surprising how many structural and consumer preference drivers are well understood, with their impacts on business somewhat predictable (and predicted!). And it is even more surprising how much of this information is freely available to small business owners, even though it is expensive and usually commissioned by very large businesses indeed. We launched into this in the mid 2000s with the Small Business Futures workshops which brought the best of the ‘over the horizon’ forecasting and contextualised it to suit a small and regional business audience.Building the Lucky Country is a series of well-researched reports by Deloitte Access into fut

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