Strategic Economic Solutions is a streamline organisation with two core team members: Kim Houghton (Director) and Simone Annis (Senior Project Manager).

We have a strong network of associates and staff who we call upon, as and when projects demand.

This structure enables us to provide a tight, focused response to our clients with the flexibility to expand our team base when required.

Staff Profiles

Project Management

Kim Houghton established Strategic Economic Solutions in 1997 and has developed a strong network of organisations and people with whom he has worked and collaborated.

For any given project Kim usually makes first contact with the client and establishes an understanding of the client’s core needs. He negotiates the strategic direction, roles and resource responsibilities, agreed outcomes, and time and fee schedules for each project.

Kim and Simone take responsibility for the ongoing management of specific projects. We collaborate with the client to establish working objectives, actions, time frames and reporting procedures to ensure timely, efficient and meaningful outcomes for our clients.

One thought on “Our People

  1. Elaine Slater

    Hey Kim. How are you? Hope you are all well?
    I wanted to chat with you about your Community Mediation skills and network. I have a friend who is in need of some help and I thought you might be able to point them in the right direction to get some unbiased third party intervention around a neighbourhood conflict.

    Would you be able to contact me via my email address below. Many thanks.

    Elaine (Slater)

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