CREEDA Projects

CREEDA Projects is the consulting arm of the Capital Region Employment and Enterprise Development Association (CREEDA). CREEDA is an organisation specialising in local economic and community development activities including regional development studies aimed at energising and developing businesses within a region.

SES and CREEDA Projects have a long standing associations. SES and CREEDA Projects jointly developed and deliver the Springboard Small Business Program and have worked together on many other regional development, home-based business and entrepreneurship projects.

Amanda Kenyon Consulting

Amanda Kenyon is a Board member and past Chairman Business Innovation and Incubation Australia (previously called ANZABI).
Ammanda has worked with SES on numerous projects. Her expertise includes:

– Business Incubator Development
– Food Sector Development in Northern NSW
– Community Based Regional Economic Development
– Experience in all tiers of Government
– Study tours looking at Kitchen incubators in the USA & Ireland

Elton Consulting

Elton Consulting helps government and the
private sector plan, execute and explain
projects. With offices in Sydney, Canberra, Darwin,
Brisbane, Melbourne and Adealide that support
our work Australia wide, Elton Consulting is a
recognised leader in its field. We have been
offering strategic advice and assistance to
senior management in government, business and
community organisations since 1989. Services include:

– Urban and regional planning
– Management consultancy
– Consultation
– Bid preparation
– Policy and research
– Working with government
– Dispute resolution

Business innovation and Incubation Association (BIIA)

BIIA (previously known as ANZABI) is an association of business Incubators and people interested in business incubation which:

Sets best practice standards for the Incubator industry in Australia and provides advice on:

– Incubator feasibility studies
– Incubator business plans
– Evaluating Incubator projects
– Networking Incubators
BIIA supports its members and the Incubator industry with promotion, information and attracting external sponsorship. BIIA Is managed by a Board elected by BIIA members.

Econtext Pty Ltd provides premium consulting services in economics and allied disciplines such as statistics. The company combines private sector service delivery values with academic rigour. Econtext has formed informal partnerships and affiliations with a number of academics and freelance consultants in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA and India.

Specialities include: Economic Analysis including cost benefit analysis, specialties being health, arts and cultural, environmental and development economics.

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