Strategic Economic Solutions has been invited to undertake some interesting evaluations over the last decade. We have evaluated everything from employment expos to business expos, from initiatives to seed community organisations to initiatives to seed youth-run businesses, and from tiny projects to 2-year economic development activities.

Throughout all these evaluations we have advocated strongly that people undertaking innovative activities build on-going evaluation into what they do. This turns the evaluation process from ‘a frustrating last stage of the reporting process’, into one which deliberately helps fine tune the initiative as it goes.

Evaluation is a crucial part of the cycle of invention and action as projects move from ideas to action, to reflection and refinement, before moving on to new ideas and actions.

We are strong supporters of projects whose goals are SMART:

Designing an initiative around these principles helps ensure real and measurable outcomes – outcomes that can evolve as the project matures, and which embody the impacts from activities rather than the kind of ‘bums on seats’ approach to just counting activities themselves.

Socio – Economic Impact Assessments
Over the last ten years SES has developed a specialty in evaluating the economic impact of developments. Example of this work include an economic impact assessment re the redevelopment of the CUB site in Sydney and a Socio-economic Impact Assessment of Herons Creek near Port Maquarie.

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